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Öznur Çakır

Prof Grup Founder

2011 where everything starts

"I founded Prof Grup Manufacturer company all by myself and was doing all the tasks alone, I was selling with only one machine and doing well, sales were growing so I decided to create a new eCommerce Store which is, of course, there were so many mistakes and losses but I hired 1 machine operator, day by day the business grows, the number of operators grows, the great thing is that my brother in law became my partner and the company grew well so we decided to create our beautiful eCommerce store.

We have an amazing team, we strive to be creative every day, learn new things all the time.

I am happy that we arrived here together with the team.

I am looking forward to working with you and try my best to satisfy our awesome customers"

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Important Dates

2011 Prof Grup



First step for other big projects

Our second successful project

Our 3rd successful project

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